Overview Events 2020

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Date Location Category Event
04.-06.02.2020 San Diego, USA  Exhibition IPC APEX EXPO 2020
19.03.2020 Chihuahua, Mexico Exhibition SMTA Chihuahua Expo & Tech Forum
18.06.2020 Juarez, Mexico Exhibition SMTA Juarez Expo & Tech Forum
29.09.-02.10.2020 Utrecht, Netherlands Exhibition World of Technology and Sience
21.10.2020 Guadalajara, Mexico Exhibition SMTA Guadalajara Expo & Tech Forum
10.-13.11.2020 Munich, Germany Messe Electronica 2020

Overview Events 2019

Date Location Category Event
16.-18.02.2019 Tokyo, Japan  Exhibition 36th ELECTROTEST JAPAN
23.01.2019 Gothenburg, Sweden Exhibition Evertiq Expo
29.-31.01.2019 San Diego, USA Exhibition IPC APEX EXPO 2019, Stand 3533
13.-15.02.2019 Turin, Italy Exhibition A&T Automation and Testing
19.-21.02.2019 Queretaro, Mexico Meeting Automotive Meetings
19.03.2019 Czech Republic Exhibition Amper
27.-28.03.2019 Gothenburg, Sweden Exhibition Elektronik
11.04.2019 Helsinki, Finland Exhibition Evertiq Expo
07.-09.05.2019 Nürnberg, Germany Exhibition SMTconnect
14.-16.05.2019 Utrecht, Netherlands Exhibition Electronics and Applications
08.05.2019 Linköping, Sweden Exhibition Evertiq Expo
22.-23.05.2019 Bad Schönborn, Germany Meeting Digitaltest Usermeeting
30.05.-01.06.2019 Manila, Philippines Exhibition 16th Philippine Semiconductor and Electronics Convention and Exhibition (PSECE)
10.09.2019 Zurich, Switzerland Technology Day AD+T Technologietag
10.-13.09.2019 Hanoi, Vietnam Exhibition NEPCON Vietnam 2019
19.09.2019 Norway Exhibition EIF Kompetense-messer
25.-27.09.2019 New Delhi, India Exhibition Productronica India
08.10.2019 Eindhoven, Netherlands Meeting Design Automation & Embedded Systems Event
10.10.2019 Online Webinar Software (English)
17.10.2019 Online Webinar Flying Probe (English)
17.10.2019 Cracow, Poland Exhibition Evertiq Cracow Show
23.-24.10.2019 Guadalajara, Mexico Exhibition Guadalajara Expo & Tech Forum
24.10.2019 Online Webinar Application (English)
05.-07.11.2019 Helsinki, Finland Exhibition Elkom
12.-15.11.2019 Munich, Germany Exhibition Productronica 2019