C-LINK DTM takes all major CAD systems and automates the translation of design data to any test in-spection system

  • Cuts test cost
  • Reduces time to market
  • Improves product quality
  • Instant data generation
  • Automatic BOM import
  • Rapid, error free, complete data processing
  • Automatic data generation for fixtures and test programs
  • Automatically highlight differences in PCB revisions (Compare Boards)


CAD/CAM Software

C-LINK DTM is the interface between CAD, test and repair, and combines these into one platform. Our CAD/CAM software has since its introduction in 1985 developed into the leading standard tool. C-LINK supports virtually every test system on the market.

By linking design for testing (DFT) to production, profitability and product quality are increased, test costs reduced, and testing and product introduction times shortened.

Data import

C-­LINK imports all design data for the PCB including: layout, netlist, panel information and bill of materials. Fixture definitions can also be be back annotated into C-­LINK.

Data processing

With a full set of tools like version management, DFT checks, automatic pin placement or mechanical fixture design, C-LINK completes the data for test and inspection.


Machine ready outputs for AOI, Boundary Scan, in-circuit and flying probe test plus the flexible generic output processor feed the equipment of the production floor.

Import Design Data

The CAD data of board layout and the schematics are automatically imported.

BOM Import Wizard

This powerful module imports Bill of Material (BOM) in various formats, including block formatted tables.

Visual support

Images of the board can be imported for each assembly variant as additional graphical layer.

Report Generator

Reports have hyperlinks to the PCB layout display to identify critical areas quickly. The Report Generator can generate customized reports in a variety of different formats.

Compare Boards and Redesign

This module compares the PCB variants and versions in assembly and netlists. A detailed report informs the user about differences.
It ensures that existing fixtures can be re-used or adapted to the new board version.

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Schematics View

  • Bidirectional communication with the board layout (cross probing)
  • Display of accessibility and test coverage
  • Back annotation of the fixture channel number

Test job

  • Creates reports about accessibility and testability for DFT
  • Data generation for all test equipment of the production

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