Application Service

We create or convert your test programs and fixtures

Are you testing printed circuit boards on Digitaltest test systems but want to hand creation of your test programs and development of suitable fixtures to the experts? Then our application support is exactly what you need.

Our experienced engineers will create individual, custom-tailored test programs and build just the right fixtures at a surprisingly low cost. We would also be happy as part of our expanded fixture services to use a company of your choice for complete handling of the fixture building process. We have worked closely with test fixture designers and builders such as Everett Charles, ATX, Ingun, GTS and Leitec.

Convert existing test programs and fixtures

Are you using obsolete, unsupported test systems and need to replace them or move production? Save time and money by converting your old test programs and fixtures to our up-to-date Digitaltest test systems. We ensure that your existing test fixtures can still be used while converting your test programs. We offer this service for all outdated Digitaltest systems and third-party systems from numerous companies like GenRad, Teradyne, Agilent (HP), Schlumberger, Marconi, Rohde & Schwarz or Tescon.

Our application service offers:

  • Test program and installation on-site
  • Creation of custom reports (test coverage, testability, accessibility, etc.)
  • Production of economical fixtures
  • Expanded fixture service with the fixture builder of your choice
  • Conversion of readable test programs to current Digitaltest systems
  • Creation of interface converters for continued use of existing fixtures 

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