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If you still have an old Digitaltest test system and it does not fulfill the requirements of your testing needs of today, it does not always need to be replaced by a new one. Instead of investing in a new system, you can check if your system can qualifies for an upgrade. We offer a variety of hardware and software options to upgrade your existing test system at a reasonable cost. This way, can use our latest technologies on your existing test equipment.

We will gladly work out individual concepts for you, in accordance with your test strategy, on how you can optimally upgrade your existing Digital test systems. Feel free to contact our sales department.

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Upgrade Options At A Glance

Test System Upgrade:

Remodeling Instead Of Buying New
Do you have an older model of the Sigma MTS 300 that no longer meets your current test requirements? No problem - in many cases, the system can be easily upgraded. To find out if your system can be remodeled simply fill out the questionnaire and send it to service@digitaltest.com. Our service team can easily check which upgrades are possible and recommended for you.


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AMU05 Upgrade:

More Power With A New System Core
One of the strongest upgrades is the new core of our test system, the AMU05 (Analog Measurement Unit). The new innovative measuring unit offers greater accuracy, stability (reproducibility), reliable compatible interfaces and saves tremendous testing time. Especially in combination with the current CITE version, your existing test system can take full advantage of many of the innovative features of the latest modules. In addition, with the latest CITE software, you can handle all the requirements in a Visual Basic.NET stand-alone world in the future. It allows easy switching between Visual Basic and the easy-to-use, tabular GenFast. Of course, all existing VB6 programs can be debugged in CITE (Note: Switching to the AMU05 may require minor adjustments to the test program).

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FailSim Upgrade:

Small Module - Great Quality Assurance
Our FailSim module double checks the values of the influencing factors and components in the in-circuit test, thus significantly improving the quality of your test programs. This gives more certainty in the quality of measurements, as it helps the user in the debugging process to avoid incorrect influencing factors in the test procedure and helps the user to avoid errors by verifying with FailSim. FailSim is easy to use, since it is fully integrated in CITE 7 and the measurement display is displayed in its own debug window.

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Lambda edition Upgrade:

More Throughput With Lambda edition
Increase the throughput of your test system by converting to Lambda edition. This allows true parallel testing and is particularly useful for our Sparrow MTS 30, because the implementation is very simple. Upgrading to a Sparrow MTS 30 Lambda edition can significantly reduce the test time: for example, with two test items by 50 percent, four by 75 percent and so on. Generally, a Sigma MTS 300 can be also upgraded to the Lambda edition as well; this must be individually checked, however.

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UPC02 Upgrade:

Create More Space In Your System
Do many power supplies take up too much room in your system? We can offer you a solution: replace your old UPS (Universal Power Supply) with our UPC02 (Universal Power Control Unit). This creates space for more functional modules.

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OpensCheck Pin Upgrade:

Pin Package For Higher Test Coverage
For Condor Flying Probe users, there is an OpensCheck Pin Upgrade Kit, which can reduce pin spacing. You achieve even higher test coverage and a more precise contact. Even the OpensCheck probes can deliver results that are even more exact.

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Color Camera Upgrade:

Color Camera For Higher Image Resolution
The new Condor camera has the same basic functions as before, but offers a higher image resolution, a larger image area and high-resolution color images. The eye of every Flying Probe Tester is the integrated camera. They determine the exact position of the DUT (device under test) and the landing position of the flying probe. Without a system camera a precise contact is not possible. In addition, the user has the option of using the camera images to validate test points and to find errors.

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