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Digitaltest exhibiting at the APEX SHOW 2018

On this year's APEX Show we will be demonstrating our latest flying probe solutions with a new camera system, new modules to improve the test quality and stability and latest software features on CITE test system software and their ICT systems at the IPC APEX EXPO 2018, San Diego, CA. Booth #1219, February 27th to 1st March, 2018.

The new eye of the Condor Flying Probe: Visitors will be able to see our latest Condor flying prober with our new digital color camera (CMOS) with GigE Vision interface to accurately determine the position of the probe and device under test (DUT). It is attached to one of the four test heads and contains optics, as well as lighting. In addition, the user has the option of looking at camera images to validate test points and find errors. With CITE 7.2 software we are now able to provide automation in the programming and debug process that provides the fastest Time-To-Market of any of our test solutions. When these features are combined with the throughput, test capabilities and accuracy provided by the Condor, we have the most cost-effective test solution for all low to medium volume production requirements.

FailSim Tool - improves the quality of your test programs: When it comes to the test coverage of a program in the analog ICT, the question is not only whether there is a test for every component and if it was performed, but also whether the test would in fact recognize a fault. To check this we have developed the FailSim tool for the AMU05 module. FailSim simulates a faulty component and allows the user to quickly and simply improve the actual fault detection of a test program. The result represents a definitive conclusion for tested or untested components.

The strong core of the system - AMU05 Analog Measurement Unit: The AMU05 (Analog Measurement Unit 05) is the core of all our test systems. It ensures that all the measurements are performed faster, more accurately and with even greater stability.       

New test system software features of CITE 7.2: The table-based test program generation, GenFast, added features such as creating variables, an immediate window and for-loop ability. It has a new simple test program template to generate new test programs. Also there is an automatic vacuum correction command to control the vacuum hardware automatically. With the new Input Diode test generation tool (ESD protection diode test for ICs connection check), test generation tool, testing input diodes becomes simple by just selecting the components and hitting the test button.

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