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Not at Productronica 2017 – Now Digitaltest is doing it differently!

For the first time in over 20 years Digitaltest GmbH will not be exhibiting at Productronica in Munich. Managing Director Hans Baka answers critical questions about the trade show.

Is Digitaltest doing so poorly that they can no longer exhibit at trade shows?

“No, quite the contrary: our company has achieved rising sales and we are growing. In 2016 we expanded our headquarter office in Germany and completed a new construction. We have a new production floor, training area, testing-, repair- and service department and a showroom for our testing systems. Over the last few years we have added 3 new positions annually.”

Then why won’t you be exhibiting at Productronica 2017?

“In the past we were always happy to be present at trade shows, but now we have decided not to exhibit at this year’s Productronica. An analysis of the last few years has shown that the event is no longer worth it. The costs have risen over time to high five figures. We believe we can serve our current and future users better if we invest this money in new developments and innovations.”

Doesn’t being absent make you nervous?

“Actually not. This was a very conscious decision on our part. A few years ago we decided to discontinue our presence at Electronica, and that had no affect on our sales figures. I do have to admit that if you had asked me 20 years ago when I was Sales Manager, I would have been vehemently against this decision. But we have been in business for nearly 40 years now and have established ourselves to the point where we no longer have to do trade shows in order to prove our ‘reputation’. The situation is different overseas however, which is why we continue to be present at international shows and participate at local shows as visitors.

Did trade shows used to be more important than they are today?

“I think it’s true that they had more international value than today. On a global basis there also used to be fewer trade shows. Today many of them are local. No one has the time or money now to attend many international shows. In addition, today it is possible to get detailed product information in the Internet. We are now looking increasingly at “new media” and would like to be present to a greater degree online.”

Don’t you think that potential customers also want to see your testing systems live?

“Of course they do. Naturally the Internet can’t replace an actual “live” experience. This is why we also have a showroom in our new building, so that we can present our products and demonstrate benchmarks.”

How do you find new contacts and customers?

“Through joint seminars with partners, through interesting webinars or using our search engine optimizing we are finding many new contacts. We are also planning technology days starting in 2018.”

How do you continue to cultivate existing customer relationships?

“Our users are very important to us. We invite all of them to our annual user meeting and to our other events. We use our homepage and newsletters to continually inform our customers about new products or changes. And of course we visit our customers, because personal contact is essential. And although we will not be exhibiting at Productronica, I intend to be there as a visitor and meet customers and partners.”

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