Fault Image Browser

The Fault Image Browser is an application (app) of the QMAN software and enables an analysis of defect images so that problems can be detected quickly and production can be optimized accordingly. A camera connected via the PC takes pictures of detected faults. Photos of PCB faults, defective components or successful repairs, for example, can be taken, saved and evaluated.

The user calls up the fault ticket, takes a photo with a webcam, and the photo is immediately and automatically saved in the QMAN database. Any number of images - including descriptions - can be assigned to a fault. The fault images can be called up at any time and can be selected and saved individually, in several or all of them, as well as exported as Excel spreadsheets. The user can limit the fault images in advance, for example by period, board type, serial number, fault location or fault type.

Identify serial faults & repair support
The Fault Image Browser enables the analysis of fault images so that problems can be quickly identified and production can be optimized accordingly. The fault image database can provide transparency and simplified communication for customer complaints, service cases or field returns. This QMAN function can help customers to better visualize recognized defects, especially in the contract board test.