Lambda edition

The Lambda edition is a system including software from Digitaltest for parallel testing of several boards. Because it has several test heads, two or more boards can be tested simultaneously. This reduces the cycle time and increases the throughput at the tester accordingly. A PC can control several test heads, which are connected to the PCBs via a correspondingly adjusted adaptation.

The Lambda edition software provides all the functions required to control such a parallel test. This includes communication with the operator or handling system as well as control and, if necessary, synchronization of the test processes. The highest possible performance is achieved if all test steps are executed in parallel. In addition, the Lambda edition is designed to be very flexible. For example, certain expensive hardware resources can only be installed once, and the software coordinates or synchronizes the respective use sequentially. This allows optimum throughput to be achieved in a cost-efficient manner.

The Lambda edition software is divided into the actual test programs and a coordinator that controls the tests running in parallel. With a PC and two test heads, the cycle time of the test station can be cut in half. With a four-head system, the cycle time can be reduced to a quarter of the sequential test time. Very complex or computationally intensive test processes can be accelerated by using a second PC. The test programs are automatically transferred from the coordinator PC to the other computers and thus always kept up-to-date. Coordinator and test program are based on a modular system that can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements.