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Better interconnection between electronics production and testing

Defects along the production chain of electronic boards can be carried through to the very end. The later they are detected in the value creation process the higher the costs resulting from rework. The ideal solution for this problem in addition to testing is to monitor the entire production and testing processes. This allows discrepancies to be detected and eliminated quickly and prevents serial defect. Consistent use of the design data saved both time and money.

Communication along the value creation chain

At the very beginning of electronic board production CAD data are generated in the design. These contain important information which is important for many production steps. In addition, much information is generated and stored during production and from the individual tests. Ideally this information should be able to be exchanged between the respective stations. Our experts have developed two clever software tools for exactly this purpose. The C-LINK DTM software as a CAD/CAM solution and the quality data management software QMAN have interfaces to all commonly used CAD systems and pick-and-place machines.

The software verifies and checks in advance whether an assembly can be tested in automated fashion and helps in defining test points. Obsolescence of electronic components causes not only great expense not only in development but in production as well. With special respect to test fixtures, C-LINK DTM tests whether existing test fixtures can be used for new assembly revisions without any changes or which modifications will be required to adapt the test equipment to the new circuit. This eliminates the need to produce new test fixtures and represents huge cost savings.

Control and feedback

In addition to process control, feedback from processes is also recommended. Here our experts have developed QMAN, a second software program. This collects the information from the individual production and test steps, feeds it back to the CAD software and performs a statistical analysis. Now you can determine whether certain components have recurring problems. Using efficient aids in the QMAN Paperless Repair module, defects on a circuit board can be quickly localized and repaired. This drastically reduces the cost of rework and enables repairs on boards to be made economically.

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Better interconnection between electronics production and testing


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