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CITE 7 speeds up product introduction

With the new generation of our CITE 7 system controls software we have created a revolutionary program environment that reduces the effort required to create test programs and shortens the production introduction time. In addition to a range of new functions, the GenFast environment especially stands out. It gives all users – regardless of their programming skills – the ability to easily generate and debug test programs.

GenFast is intuitive and can be quickly learned by virtually any user. Interactive tools and drag & drop features make this high level of user friendliness possible. In GenFast you can easily display and modify test programs without the cumbersome entering of programming commands. Debugging is just as simple, since the user here is given all the options for easily editing.

Simply create and manage assembly variants

The new intelligent Automatic Program Generator makes creation, handling and managing of assembly variants easier. The Generator compares and optimizes changes with the test programs of the previous versions. The program automatically adds to what it knows as each variant is created.

Experienced users can write programs as usual

Programmers can still write code as usual in the Visual Studio environment. Thanks to .NET mixed mode technology the user can easily switch between the user-friendly GenFast and Visual Basic .NET. Furthermore, all the existing test programs from Visual Basic 6 can still be used without changes. CITE 7 also allows you to create new programs with Visual Basic 6. CITE 7 software thus enables all future requirements to be met in the .NET stand-alone world as well as Windows 7.


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