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CITE 8.2 News: Graphical Display of all Measured Values in the new MDL Format

QCAMPro (Quality Check of Analog Measurements Professional) is a comprehensive application tool with which the measured values (MDL data) resulting from assembly tests can be statistically evaluated - with the aim of determining and evaluating the quality of a test programme (Cpk process capability index) and the test system (Cmk machine capability).

Even though measured values (MDL data) can fluctuate greatly: As long as they are within the tolerance range, they are valid (PASS). In order to avoid such incorrect measurements in the later production test in advance, they can now be easily displayed and immediately debugged in order to counteract them.

With QCMAPro, mean values and standard deviations can now be calculated and displayed graphically in different ways. Very practical: With these flexible display options, it is now possible to select the display type that suits the task at hand. This makes it easier to see which tests still need to be improved.

Security For Test Programs And IT
To prevent users from mistakenly deleting important files or corrupting them through carelessness, there are two levels of use: administrator user and standard user. Only a user with administrator rights can delete files and install new software. For software installation, as well as that of CITE 8.2 and the first operation of a test program in Visual Studio interpreter mode, you need administrator rights. This also excludes that a standard user can download any software, including malware or malicious software. For the further use of CITE, the normal rights of a standard user are then completely sufficient. All tasks in CITE, i.e. generating a test program, debugging, compiling and releasing as well as the subsequent assembly tests, are possible without administrator rights.

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