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Digitaltest announces partnership with JOT Automation

Digitaltest has announced a partnership with JOT Automation, world-leading provider for testing, assembly and custom automation solutions,

The aim is to bring innovative solutions to the markets for new level of performance to create new revenue streams and improve customer experience.

Mikko Kannelsuo, Sales & Marketing Director at JOT Automation, said “We are excited to bring our ground-breaking test solutions to new markets with the help of Digitaltest. I am confident our customers will be thrilled about the new possibilities this partnership provides. We have been partnering before with Digitaltest to create integrated solutions, and can’t wait to tackle new challenges together.”

Hans Baka, CEO of Digitaltest, also shared Mikko Kannelsuo’s views on the announcement: “We have worked with JOT in the past for successful integrations of our automated test systems into their Inline handlers. Our systems are flexible enough to be integrated in any In-Line Handlers, but JOT Inline Handlers have proven itself to be reliable, smart, and cost effective. Just like our Sparrow MTS 30, 19” inch rack. Their scalable options of Inline Handlers equipped with our powerful, scalable 19” test system can suit any volume of production.”

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