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Enthused visitors at APEX

This year‘s IPC APEX Expo in San Diego was a total success! Our on-site team was gratified by the constantly well-attended Digitaltest booth. Visitors were especially impressed by the new color camera as well as the test speed of our flying probe and the interplay of our software modules.

From February 27th to March 1st, potential customers were able to experience the new camera system of our Condor flying probe tester live at the fair. The automatic calibration introduced by the Digitaltest team drew particular attention. The high level of automation of the image processing also provides greater precision for the Condor system.

In addition our Condor was the only flying probe tester at the fair which can perform multiple measurements for each head movement. This makes the Condor one of the fastest flying probe testers on the market. The fact that the angle of the test heads is adjustable and that the probes are able to land on very small pads with the greatest accuracy were two additional aspects that impressed visitors.

The Digitaltest team used short films to show how the various software modules interact with each other and are connected. Impressive for example was the C-LINK software with its ability to automatically import over 70 different CAD systems. Our Layout Viewer was also introduced: in addition to comprehensive information about components and netlists, contactability can also be called up here. Communication related to the circuit diagram completes the functional scope and allows test programs to be created even faster.

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