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First-class testing strategies at MOTORWORLD

This autumn, there will be an exceptional roadshow through Germany, that focuses entirely on electrical testing strategies. Digitaltest and GÖPEL electronic, both leading providers in the field of inspection and testing technologies, are joining forces to present an exciting program in numerous cities from16th through 26th of October 2023.

This unique series of events opens its doors in the exclusive setting of MOTORWORLD, combining professional expertise in the field of electrical testing technology with the tangible fascination for mobility. Exciting talks and a practical demonstration against the backdrop of well-known automobile brands make the event an unforgettable experience.

"The combined expertise of Digitaltest and GÖPEL electronic allows you to expand your professional knowledge in a compact way, which you wouldn't get as quickly in this brevity otherwise," explains Enrico Zimmermann, Sales Manager Embedded JTAG Solutions. "It's your chance to ask questions and discuss potential solutions with our experts," he adds.

The speakers illuminate proven test procedures such as ICT, Flying Probe, and Boundary Scan. Through their clever combination, new possibilities open up to increase test coverage and intelligently meet the requirements of production and development practice.




16.Oct., 2023

Munich, Germany

Registration for Munich

17.Oct., 2023

Böblingen, Germany

Registration for Böblingen

18.Oct., 2023

Cologne, Germany

Registration for Cologne

24.Oct., 2023

Rüsselsheim, Germany

Registration for Rüsselsheim

25.Oct., 2023

Berlin, Germany

Registration for Berlin

26.Oct., 2023

Hanover, Germany

Registration for Hanover

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