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Do you already know our social media presences? We are represented on LinkedIn as well as Facebook and also publish exciting insights on Twitter and our YouTube channel. Always stay up to date and follow us.

Nowadays, hardly anyone can escape the digital spheres - the same applies to us. For this reason, we have decided to create a Facebook presence in addition to LinkedIn, which will enable a completely different frequency of exchange. So from now on we will not only provide you with the latest news in our news section, but also in an extended form on Facebook. What's new in the world of testing? Which events will take place soon? And what else is there exciting and entertaining beyond that? Facebook makes it possible - and we look forward to your likes!

With this presence, we are adding another digital medium to our website and thus comply with your individual usage behaviour. One person prefers to read the news on our homepage, another prefers news directly in his or her Facebook chronicle in order to be able to share, link and network them directly - social media makes it possible and we are curious to see how our Facebook presence will develop in this way.

It's that simple: Sign in to Facebook, go to the page and subscribe to us. Click here.

Did you know? We are also on LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter and XING. It's worth following us there too!

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