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Panel testing made even more efficient

Assemblies need to be made faster, better, smaller and more cost-effective = modern electronics production struggles with ever greater demands. Here a high-performance technology is needed that guarantees fast throughput and reliably quality. This is the only way to reduce the cost of the overall production process.

Every system procurement needs to be well thought-out and efficiently utilized. Here the panel test offers a good way to increase throughput and reduce handling times, since multiple assemblies can be produced, tested and moved in multi-panel fashion.

Flashing at maximum speed
The SMH Flashrunner from our partner pb tec solutions has long been a reliable part of our applications for in-circuit tests. The newest programming technology makes it possible to use Flashrunner 2.0 in combination with an in-circuit test to program up to 16 different components at the same time. This makes it ideal for programming multi-PCB panels and highly structured boards with multiple installed devices. A user-friendly operating interface also makes it possible to create a production-ready program in the shortest possible time.

True parallel testing for the panel test
Digitaltest also provides ideal support for panel testing. Parallel testing with our Lambda edition allows two or more assemblies to be tested at the same time. This optimizes the cycle times and shortens the test time. An in-circuit or function test is performed by two or more independent test heads, which reduces the inspection time by the corresponding fact4or. This applies to multi-panels as well as multiple individual test objects.

By combining the two technologies, Lambda edition and Flashrunner 2.0, multi-panel boards can be tested and programmed in parallel fully independently on Digitaltest test systems. This saves not only production time, but also wait, inspection and handling times. The seamless integration of both environments with respect to hard- and software also makes it the perfect solution for production systems. 

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