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Soft Landing Function: Fast, Precise and Accurate Testing

With Soft Landing, even the smallest and most sensitive tetspads can be contacted without any damage.

Especially in high-tech communication sectors such as automotive, medical and military, PCBs are becoming smaller and more complex. Consequently, the test points are also becoming increasingly smaller and more sensitive to scratches from the test needles. Therefore, we have developed the "soft landing technology" for our Condor Flying Probe.

With the soft landing function, the head travels at normal speed in the direction of the component to be tested, but slows down 1-2 mm beforehand. With reduced speed, the needle then reaches the test point very gently and precisely. And it does so without scratching the board and without leaving a mark. 

With our soft landing function, you can therefore not only increase your test coverage and test accuracy, but also protect the board from scratches and damage. 

No stress and strain on boards and components and no damage due to contacting: the advantages now in our current product video

You can find our soft landing product video and many more videos here

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