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There’s a fresh breeze in the management at Digitaltest

Sarah Boctor-Vauvert is now part of the Digitaltest management.

The management of Digitaltest, with its headquarters in Germany, gets a new addition in the management: Sarah Boctor-Vauvert, daughter of the company founder, has been appointed as Managing Director. In order to continue advancing financial processes and cooperation agreements strategically, there will be now three people in charge, who will lead Digitaltest together: Hans Baka will be responsible for sales, Ute Boctor for finance and her daughter Sarah Boctor-Vauvert for strategic marketing.

Thus Digitaltest is getting ready for a future with strong leadership – there are no concerns about succession arrangements that are not fulfilled. The company wants to think about the future today and shape it securely. This trend-setting decision has now been taken jointly.

A life in a family business

For all of Sarah Boctor-Vauvert’s professional life, the family’s company has been an integral part of her working environment. Over the past 15 years, she has worked in various areas, from purchasing and finance to her specialty, marketing. First she was part of the Digitaltest team in the USA, where she also successfully completed her Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a focus on marketing.
Since 2008 she has managed the marketing department at the headquarters in Germany and has already made a difference. In addition to the integrated marketing strategy, she also works on internal processes and is always on the lookout for optimizations in the cooperation between the various business divisions. Her colleagues and employees value the 38-year-old as an open-minded, honest person who always has an open door.

The vision: innovative power in a familiar atmosphere

Sarah Boctor-Vauvert has made it her goal to preserve the special spirit, the passion for development and technology, as well as the sense of family that her father has shaped. In addition, she intends to further expand the Digitaltest brand globally and strengthen the "Made in Germany" seal of quality together with its international sales partners.
"I am very much looking forward to the new task and the opportunity to continue the success story of our traditional company with colleagues," emphasizes the young Managing Director. She also wants to work on some structures and equip the company for future challenges, without losing the flexibility and innovative power that customers value so much about Digitaltest. "It is also important to me that Digitaltest remains an employer that gives its employees a professional home, promotes talent and values good work", says Sarah Boctor-Vauvert.


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