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Who creates your test programs and fixtures?

Our applications team (left to right): Shady Morris, Gerome Yacoub, Jörg Reinschmidt, Erik Horn, Kareem Emad, Valentin Schild

We offer turnkey customer solutions from test program development, fixture design to on-site startup. Our applications team has many years of experience with everything involving testing and can not only design the right testing programs and fixtures, but also create testing strategies with or for the user. The application team knows our test systems inside and out, and can therefore best exploit all the testing possibilities. They not only understand our test equipment, they themselves are also our most critical users and in that way help us to optimize the testers.

Worldwide our applications engineers process more than 100 applications a year. The success is evidenced by many inquiries and the continually growing department. In the past four years a new applications engineer has joined the team each year. At present we have six in-house engineers and more than 20 in the rest of the world.

The head of all
With 16 years at Digitaltest, Erik Horn is head of the applications team and coordinates projects, verifies feasibility and creates cost assessments. He know his team and understands exactly which application is the best fit for which specialist, and in addition to his activities here is in close cooperation with our partner PSD in Egypt. He is also our Condor flying probe expert and always has an open ear for problems and questions from customers or vendors.

Expatriates (experts) from Cairo
Our partner PSD is a permanent support member with energetic employees from Egypt not only in Cairo, but also throughout the world. Kareem Emad is currently supporting our applications team in Stutensee, Germany. He has been working at PSD since 2016, during which time he was often here as support. He specializes in tests using our Condor flying probe and the CITE software platform.

Two of our most experienced engineers from Egypt have actually moved to Germany: Shady Morris and Gerome Yacoub. Shady Morris had already worked at PSD for 15 years as a technical manager before he came to us five years ago. With his decades of experience he, together with Gerome Yacoub, is our specialist for the automotive and medical branches. Gerome Yacoub had been a project manager at PSD before he joined our German team here in 2014. Both have global testing experience with Digitaltest products and are truly experts in complex programming and function tests.

Experienced and conscientious
Another experienced application specialist is our Jörg Reinschmidt, who has been true to Digitaltest for 14 years. Among his core competencies are the planning of fixture adapters and the creation of test programs. Special hardware developments such a control cabinets with integrated measuring instrumentation, power supplies and energy savings also fall into his range of expertise.

New and promising
Since a balanced team always needs fresh approaches, Valentin Schild – a recent university graduate – is part of the application. Even during his studies in electrical engineering and information technology he specialized in automation and adaptronics. He prepares adapter data, designs test programs and creates measurements. His tasks also include delivery and on-site startup with customers.

Our customers greatly appreciate having access to engineers with such long experience and association. And our engineers in turn are most appreciative of the confidence our customers have in us and the great cooperation we enjoy with them.

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