Test systems


In-Circuit Test (ICT) tests populated circuit boards by means of electronic measurements through thin needles on test fixtures. We offer in-circuit testers for various testing strategies – from the flexible 19“ rack to the ergonomic high-performance tester. And all of our in-circuit testers are also available in the Lambda edition for true parallel testing.

Flying Probe Tester

The flying probe test checks your printed circuit boards using four movable test heads. This requires no fixtures and allows for flexible test program generation. That makes our flying probe test systems ideal for a high mix of printed circuit boards and small to medium test volumes, such as for prototype testing.

Sparrow MTS 30

Bench Top Tester
Our Sparrow provides the highest level of flexibility and test capability in a small footprint.

  • Up to 1,152 pins
  • Small footprint
  • 19 inch portable rack
  • Highly flexible test system
  • Fast access interface (FAI) for easy maintenance

Eagle MTS 180

Pneumatic Press Tester
Our Eagle offers low testing cost for high volume with even the most complex fixture applications.

  • Up to 3,456 pins at 5,500 N
  • Economical fixture solutions
  • Double side testing

Sigma MTS 300

Vacuum Interface Tester
Our Sigma is an extremely powerful system with a high throughput. With up to 1,000 measurements per second, it is one of the fastest machines on the market.

  • Up to 3,456 pins
  • Vacuum interface
  • Short distance between measurement device and board under test

Omega MTS 888

High Performance Tester
The Omega is our high-performance tester, with the highest test pin count.

  • Up to 7,040 pins
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Saves time to market: the fixture build can start while test program is being generated

Condor MTS 505

Flying Probe Tester
Our Condor system is perfectly suitable for prototype testing, due to its flexible fixtureless testing capabilities.

  • 4 heads linear probe system
  • Prototype and production testing
  • Frontloader, also available in-line
  • Optional fixture capability with up to 1,012 fixed test pins

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