Fixture information for Condor flying probe

  • Variant frontloader:
    The interface consists of plug connectors (64-pin) – fixtures can be connected to them via cables.
  • Variant In-line:
    The interface consists of plug connectors (64-pin) – fixtures can be connected directly to them.

Handling trays for the flying prober

Are you confronted with the challenge of not having to test inline-capable PCBs? Do your boards fall below the clamping edge of three millimeters? Digitaltest solves the problem and manufactures individually for you suitable PCB carriers, so-called trays.

As a rule, modules on two parallel sides each at the top and bottom require a clamping edge of three millimeters. If the circuit boards are tested on one side in our frontloader, a clamping edge on two parallel sides as well as space for the variably adjustable clamping fingers on the other side of the board is sufficient. If these requirements are not met, our trays are a quick and easy solution. These frames are made individually for your printed circuit boards and thus allow the best possible testing on our Condor flying probe tester.

With this quickly deployable board handling system, your PCBs can be easily tested with our flying probe in front load as well as in in-line operation. Digitaltest has been using trays in its own production for a long time and has already manufactured such PCB carriers for many different types of electronic assemblies.