Lambda edition

Would you like to test multiple boards in parallel and save time? No problem – we can do this!

Our In-Circuit Testers in the Lambda edition shorten the cycle times and increase throughput remarkably. The development of the technology has resulted from new product designs. The printed circuit boards are becoming ever smaller and more complex. Individual components can often not be tested due to these changes, or then only with difficulty. This results in longer cycle times.

It’s easy to calculate how much time you can save:
(Cycle rate – 25%) – (loading time + unloading time) = shorter test time

Lambda edition: real parallel testing as the solution

We have the solution: real parallel testing with the Lambda edition. With this technology you can test two or more assemblies at the same time, thereby optimizing the cycle times and shortening the test time or performing the tests using the shortest path. An ICT or functional test is performed by two or more independent test heads, reducing the test time by the corresponding factor. This applies to multi-panels as well as for multiple independent single test objects.

The Lambda Edition thus reduces the test time for two objects for example by 50 percent, or 75 percent for four, and so on.

Advantages of parallel testing

  • Optimizes cycle times
  • Small, economical test heads
  • Powerful, flexible software Environment
  • Assemblies can be tested without additional effort
  • Low hardware costs
  • Takes up less space

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