Layout Viewer

The CAD Viewer layout software displays converted CAD data from electronic assemblies and is used for test program creation, repair, manual assembly and adapter maintenance.

Test engineers benefit from the layout information when creating in-circuit and function test programs. In addition to comprehensive information on components and net lists, contactability can also be called up. Communication with the schematic completes the range of functions and enables test programs to be created more quickly. In addition, Condor Flying Probe users can change the contacting settings and define ECOs.

Users at analysis and repair stations can quickly determine fault locations on the module. Short circuits or faulty components are found immediately, supported by extensive search functions. For manual assembly, all details of the assembly, including work instructions, are available.

During adapter maintenance, service personnel can use the Layout Viewer to call up all information on the needle positions and the spring contact pin types, channel numbers and also safety pins and thus quickly repair the adapter. This shortens maintenance time and increases test equipment availability.

The CAD Viewer layout software can be operated with any programming station or alone. Communication with third-party software such as in-house paperless repair or traceability is possible via the COM interface.