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CITE 8 is equipped with the latest intelligence - More power in less time

With the latest Digitaltest test system software CITE 8, test programs for complex PCBs can be generated and even debugged - without human intervention.

Create test programs for complex PCBs at the push of a button
With the new, intelligent Automatic Program Generator 2.0 (APG), test programs can now be created automatically. All you need is the assembly description (CAD, BOM) and the program generates itself with a mouse click. With APG 2.0, even complex electronic assemblies can be handled easily. Components are often not completely contactable and when interconnecting basic components such as R, L, C, D, Z it is therefore necessary to use so-called Cluster tests for In-circuit and Functional tests. Even this the APG 2.0 handles completely autonomously, because it can group components together as a unit and independently determines the test sequence for a Cluster test. Such serial and parallel combinations increase the test coverage and are already integrated in APG 2.0. No user has to invest time and effort to manually generate complicated series and parallel tests anymore. The new APG 2.0 handles this automatically.
Another significant modification is the version handling, that now allows APG 2.0 to check and compare both, basic and additional versions of the same board. It now runs once per version and generates a compact result.

Test programs can be debugged automatically
The new CITE 8 Module: DebugRobot is an intelligent program, that can debug a test program virtually autonomous. All the user needs to do is adjust the settings in the template according to his specifications. The DebugRobot can then debug the test program by itself. Especially for boards with many test points this is an enormously complex and lengthy process with potential for errors if done manually. With the DebugRobot this process runs fully automated. This not only saves the cost of valuable working time, but also speed up the process of new product introduction (NPI) or technical changes. In some cases, there might be only a few critical measurements, which must be processed manually after debugging is complete.

CITE 8 equipped with limited Windows rights
With this new CITE module two levels of Windows users can be created. One with administration rights and one for standard users. With the option "Admin Credentials" the access rights are defined in advance by a Windows administrator in the user administration and savely encrypted. This prevents unwanted changes to the test program by a standard user.

New: Support of Visual Studio up to version 2019
The CITE software platform uses Microsoft's development environment Visual Studio as the programming language for the test programs. From now on support is also possible up to version 2019. Additionally, CITE 8 is available for Windows 10 with 32/64 Bit.

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