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New Digitaltest Fixture House

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We are preparing more and more Digitaltest applications and one of the problems for us and the customers are the long delivery times for building the fixtures. This is why, we decided to offer our customers Digitaltest In-house Fixture service.

Our Digitaltest In-house Fixture services offer:

  • Precision with professional mechanical designing and machining tools
  • Excellent Engineering with experienced mechatronic engineers
  • Fixture Design Verification with the client 
  • Analysis with fixture stress and strain analysis reports
  • Transparency with complete documentation and BOM reports
  • Quality assurance with fixtures being pre-checked on the matching test system

Due to the increased demand for fixtures and delivery bottlenecks at well-known fixture houses worldwide, we have decided to offer our own fixture service through our office in Cairo. In order to be able to respond flexibly and quickly to customer requests, we have expanded our machine park: A new CNC milling machine from has been installed in the Cairo facility.  Our wide-ranging production possibilities are strengthened with this machine and short production paths within the company are guaranteed. 

In the past, we were able to collect experience in fixture building for our own internal use for our in-house test & repair department such as Eagle MTS 180 pneumatic fixtures and Sigma MTS 300 vacuum fixtures. For internal benchmarks and projects, the team also prepared customized Condor Flying probe fixtures. Later on, we started preparing fixtures for the USA market with great success. The newest technology is our dual level fixture for Condor with a fixture lift mechanism, which enables the user to contact differently with the same fixture. In addition to fixtures, we can build customized pcb carriers for boards that have less than 3mm edge or are irregular shaped. Our hardware team, even developed a Condor Universal Pcb Carrier, that can be used for all pcbs. Today we are confident to provide an excellent design, conception and service worldwide. 

Our Digitaltest In-house Fixture services offer:

We can provide a high level of precision of 20 µm with the newest mechanical and machining tools available. In addition, a new CNC milling machine has been acquired to provide precision. 

Excellent Engineering
We have highly qualified and experienced mechatronics engineers, who have had extensive training on the milling machine in cooperation with a university work-study program. 

Fixture Design Verification
Before building the fixture, the design conception of the fixture is being presented to the client to make sure the design is preapproved.

PCB Analysis
We provide fixture stress and strain analysis to our clients to ensure board safety and accurate test stability. 

We offer a complete detailed report about fixture documentation and BOM report. In the future, this can be referred to, when performing board layout changes.

Quality Assurance
All our fixtures are pre-checked on the matching Digitaltest test system, before delivering them. This is a main advantage to other fixtures houses.

Fixture capabilities DT Egypt:

  • Sigma vacuum fixture
  • Sparrow mechanical fixtures
  • Eagle  pneumatic press fixture
  • Condor Fixtures
  • Multi Level Fixture ( incl. Condor: fixture lift mechanism)
  • Condor Pcb Carrier
  • Universal Pcb Carrier

Additional Fixture Features:

  • Pneumatics
  • FEASA (LED Analyzing)
  • Relay Boards
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Manual push rods
  • Special pushes
  • Push plate
  • Top probing
  • Side probing

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