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New requirements – new test system? Not necessarily.

When the demands on your Digitaltest testing system change you don’t have to immediately invest in a new system. We offer a variety of ways to upgrade your existing test system economically both in terms of hardware and software, so that you can use our newest technologies on your existing test equipment.

Full performance with new software
One of the most significant upgrades is the new heart of our testing system, the AMU05 (Analog Measurement Unit). This new innovative measuring unit offers greater accuracy, stability (repeatability) and reliable, compatible interfaces. Especially when used in combination with the current CITE 7 software, your existing test system can take full advantage of many of the innovative functions offered by the newest modules. In addition, the newest CITE 7 software lets you keep up with all future requirements in a Visual Basic.NET stand-alone world. You can easily switch between Visual Basic and the operation-friendly, table-based GenFast. Naturally all existing VB6 programs can still be debugged in CITE 7.

Compact module – big quality increase
Our FailSim module checks (again) the values of the influence factors and components in the in-circuit test to improve the quality of your test programs. This provides more security in the quality of measurements, since it supports the user in the debugging process to prevent false influence factors in the test procedure and helps the user to prevent errors by checking FailSim. This module is fully integrated in CITE 7, with the measurement display visible in its own debug window.

Lambda edition for greater throughput
In addition to higher measurement stability from the AMU05, better test quality thanks to FailSim, you can increase the throughput of your system by retrofitting our Lambda edition. This enables true parallel testing and is ideal for our Sparrow, since implementation is so simple. Upgrading to a Sparrow MTS 30Lambda editioncan significantly reduce testing time: with two samples for example by 50 percent, or 75 percent with four, and so on.

Create space in your system!
Are various power sources taking up too much space in your system? Here too we have a solution to offer: replace your old UPCs with the smaller UPC02. This creates room for more functional modules.

OpensCheck pin package for greater test coverage
For Condor Flying Probe users there is now an OpensCheck pin upgrade package that allows you to reduce pin spacing. This gives you greater test coverage and more precise contacting. The OpensCheck probes can then also provide more stable measurement results.

We are happy to look at your testing strategy and show how you can optimally upgrade your existing Digitaltest testing systems. Just contact our sales department:

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