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Optical repair solution from Digitaltest locates assembly defects faster than before

CORS Complete optical repair solution

With the Complete Optical Repair Solution (CORS) from Digitaltest manual search and identification of errors on assemblies will no longer be necessary in the future, which can save time and money.

The procedure for troubleshooting so far
Manual Visual Inspection (MVI) is an optical test procedure in which the board is manually inspected for detectable defects using a magnifying glass. The quality of the inspection depends on the concentration and qualification of the operator and is therefore highly variable. Particularly as miniaturization progressed and packing density was high this procedure was and is very time-consuming, which means that in the case of high quantities, high costs are also incurred.

Digitaltest's solution for the future
Digitaltest has developed with CORS, the Complete Optical Repair Solution, a special procedure, with which the troubleshooting is no longer as before manual, but via a fully automated camera system. The IP-3000 optical inspection system is centrally controlled via the QMAN Repair Stations software remote controlled and shows the fault location as a live image on a high-resolution monitor. QMAN imports the test results from different test processes, which in turn allows a faster analysis. In case of an error, the defective assembly can then be repaired by QMAN in the shortest possible time. The solution is in the detail, in the case of CORS, in the camera system of the IP-3000 inspection system: the side cameras installed there make both solder joint control and faster detection of short-circuits possible.

The advantages are obvious
With the new remote troubleshooting with Digitaltest's Complete Optical Repair Solution, assembly faults can be localized, analyzed and repaired faster, which in turn minimizes the production of rejects and thus protects the environment.

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