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Save time and money with the complete solution for fast parallel testing by Digitaltest

At Productronica 2019, Digitaltest will demonstrate how the latest hardware, software and optimal fixtures can be used to process test tasks even faster and more efficiently in the future. With the Digitaltest test system Sparrow MTS 30 as Lambda edition, combined with the latest system software CITE 8 and the latest fixtures from in-house adapter production, the company is prepared for the future.

Parallel testing for faster handling of test tasks
With the Digitaltest Sparrow MTS 30 Lambda edition, cycle times can easily be shortened and throughput increased. This improvement in productivity can be achieved by simultaneously testing two different assemblies. The parallel testing concept can also be implemented with several assemblies and can also be used with all Digitaltest in-circuit test systems in the Lambda edition. An ICT or functional test is carried out by two or more independent test heads, thereby reducing the test time by the corresponding factor. This applies to a multiple use as well as to several independent individual test objects.

Flexible parallel testing with 19 inch rack test system
For flexible testing in confined spaces, the compact Sparrow MTS 30 test system offers the optimum conditions: easy integration into a standard rack, quick change interface for easy maintenance, up to 1,152 pins per test system.

Save additional time and nerves with the latest system software
The latest version of the system software CITE 8 brings some useful innovations with it: the DebugRobot automatically takes over the debugging, so that in the end only a few critical measurements have to be processed manually. In addition, proven functions have been greatly improved, such as the APG (Automatic Program Generator), which automatically creates test programs from assembly descriptions. In addition, CITE 8 offers easy handling of variants and cluster tests.

Suitable test fixtures from the Digitaltest Fixture House
Digitaltest's all-round test solution is completed by the new fixture service. The modern fixtures from the Digitaltest Fixture House are not only convincing due to their high precision (20 µm) and high quality. The focus is on customer satisfaction through preliminary testing with suitable Digitaltest test systems, verification of the fixture design and detailed PCB analysis. Customers can also benefit from the short delivery times from now on.

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