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We hatched something

You always wanted to know where it came from, our Condor?
We'll tell you.

It's a tough job: over weeks we screw, solder, wire and build, it is tested, sweating and working countless hours of overtime. And then it's finally finished and ready to be shipped: The Condor MTS 505, our flagship, the pride and joy of Digitaltest. 

Right, isn't that how you imagined it? But now we'll let you in on a well-kept trade secret: We don't build our Condor at all, no, we hatch it! And a few days ago it happened again: 3 baby condors saw the light of day. In our newspaper mailbox. Right at the main entrance. That's where they're born. And that already since 1999.

Our Condor in portrait
The breeding period of our condor is up to 54 days. Both partners, production as well as test and repair, are responsible for the egg and the later rearing. In order that our condor can grow big and strong and become a real Flying Prober, it needs a lot of nest warmth and has to be fed twice a day at the beginning. Later only once more. After 6-8 weeks, usually it is faster, the now already not so small Condor becomes fully fledged and leaves its Digitaltest home in the peaceful Stutensee. With an impressive size of up to 2 m and a wingspan of at least 1.50 m, it is now spread all over the world and is becoming more and more popular due to its flexibility. Once flown out, we rarely see it again. Because of its elegant, linear movements it can approach its target position completely autonomously and very rarely needs our support again afterwards. That makes us proud of course!

You are interested in our breeding program and want to learn more about the universally applicable Condor MTS 505? Then write to us at, we will be happy to advise you.

Do you actually know our Eagle MTS 180? Next time we will tell you where it actually comes from ...

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