FailSim is a Digitaltest method for non-invasive fault simulation. When determining the test coverage of a program for the analog in-circuit test, the question is not only whether a test is available and executed for each component, but also whether the tests performed actually detect errors (avoiding "pseudo tests"). Such a check can easily be done with the FailSim module for the AMU05.

During a test run of the test program with a reference DUT, various resistors or capacitors are connected in parallel and serial to the respective tested component in order to simulate component faults. The connected components are selected so that a measured value outside the test limits is expected. This fault simulation is performed for standard resistance, capacitor and diode tests. A final report logs which errors were simulated and whether the expected fail status was detected. This gives the user a precise indication of the actual error detection of the test program and allows the user to improve it accordingly if necessary.

FailSim is a development of Digitaltest and therefore exclusively available from us.

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