Digitaler I/O mit 16 Kanälen

The static driver sensor module (MDS) is used to replace existing TS02 from previous MTS test systems. The possible pin extension allows to replace the systems MTS 200/210 (4 UCB with 4 MDS = 256 pins). A maximum of 1,024 MDS pins can be realized on the current MTS systems. Up to 4 MDS modules can be connected to one UCB (UCB03 or higher).


Driver level: H = 0.5 V to 25 V, L = fixed 0 V
Driver resolution: 100 mV
Driver accuracy: 200 mV
Current control: automatic switch-off when maximum power is exceeded
Driver current (high): Maximum 50 mA, constant current 10 mA
Switch off after: 250 ms at 20 mA, 150 ms at 30 mA, 110 ms at 40 mA and 90 ms at 50 mA
Driver current (low): Constant current 50 mA
Switch off after: 220 ms at >100 mA or max. 50 ms at >= 200 mA
Accuracy current monitoring: +/- 20% (of above current values)
Sensor level: 0 V to 25 V
Sensor resolution: 98 mV
Sensor accuracy: 200 mV
Sensor threshold: one level (H/L)
Logic: Logic per pin