Measures frequencies and times

The MTC is responsible for measuring frequencies and times.


The measuring channels can be connected depending on the application to the pins on the system interface or to the six internal bus lines.

  • Four measuring channels per module on 8:1 multiplexer = 32 Inputs
  • Up to 4 parallel measurements per MTC (4 parallel counters)
  • Intelligent algorithms for fast measurements even at low frequencies
  • Frequency, period, pulse width, rise- and falling time as well as event counting on each channel
  • Time measuring range: 10 ns - 42 s, resolution 10 ns
  • Frequency measuring range: 0.015 - 100 MHz
  • Event counting: 0 - 232, maximum 100 MHz
  • Max. input level/trigger voltage: +/-100 V
  • Synchronization with external trigger possible