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Farther, sharper, more colorful: New camera for Flying Probe Tester

The eye of every flying probe tester is the integrated camera. It determines the exact position of the test object as well as the landing position of…

Press Test Systems

Board alignment and handling trays for Condor Flying Probe

Are you faced with the challenge of having to test printed circuit boards (pcb’s) which are not inline-compatible? Do your assemblies fall short of…

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New requirements – new test system? Not necessarily.

When the demands on your Digitaltest testing system change you don’t have to immediately invest in a new system. We offer a variety of ways to upgrade…

Press Company Test Systems Software

Read why Continental Automotive uses our test equipment

Continental Automotive has been using test systems from Digitaltest for over 20 years. Read our new Case Study and learn how Digitaltest was able to…


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Not at Productronica 2017 – Now Digitaltest is doing it differently!

For the first time in over 20 years Digitaltest GmbH will not be exhibiting at Productronica in Munich. Managing Director Hans Baka answers critical…

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New Selftest

In our customer portal you will find the latest self-test for CITE from rel.4 and an instruction manual with tips and tricks to create a test coverage…

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Our new website is online

"Our goal was to focus on our visitor. The new website was created with keeping the visitor in mind and fulfilling their needs and requirements."…

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Better interconnection between electronics production and testing

Defects along the production chain of electronic boards can be carried through to the very end. The later they are detected in the value creation…


We have expanded: New production site for Digitaltest Germany

Stutensee - July 2016. Digitaltest is a company with over 35 years of tradition, which has been growing continuously. This isn’t reflected only by…

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