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Innovation pressure vs. in-circuit test

If a product is improved or obsolete components have to be replaced, these changes will affect every process in electronics manufacturing. From solder...

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Successfully PCB panel testing

Today, panelization has become the new standard in production assemblies, because multiple panels save time and money. What about the in-circuit test...

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New app: Fault images simplify repair and documentation

A picture says more than 1,000 words. This was the sentence that the developers from the test system manufacturer Digitaltest had in mind when they...

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Who creates your test programs and fixtures?

We offer turnkey customer solutions from test program development, fixture design to on-site startup. Our applications team has many years of...

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For more automation: CITE 7.2

The CITE software platform for all Digitaltest systems has answered the bell for the next round. With update 7.2 we are offering some exciting...

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New requirements – new test system? Not necessarily.

When the demands on your Digitaltest testing system change you don’t have to immediately invest in a new system. We offer a variety of ways to upgrade...

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Read why Continental Automotive uses our test equipment

Continental Automotive has been using test systems from Digitaltest for over 20 years. Read our new Case Study and learn how Digitaltest was able to...

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Better interconnection between electronics production and testing

Defects along the production chain of electronic boards can be carried through to the very end. The later they are detected in the value creation...

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CITE 7 speeds up product introduction

With the new generation of our CITE 7 system controls software we have created a revolutionary program environment that reduces the effort required to...

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