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With our Black CITE-Day Software Deal you can save a tremendous amount of time!

Think today about future-proof solutions of tomorrow in order to increase your competitiveness in the to further expand the highly competitive electronics market? Then now might be the perfect time for a software upgrade. Because Digitaltest celebrates Black CITE-Day 2020!

As a CITE user, would you like to exploit the full potential of our system software? A change is worthwhile in several ways, because CITE 8 offers strong performance and thus more performance in a shorter time, which primarily benefits central areas of application. Proven core functions were further enhanced and new, time-saving solutions were added:

  • With the intelligent Automatic Program Generator (APG 2.0), test programs for complex electronic PCBs can now be generated quickly and easily at the push of a button
  • Fully automated debugging of a test programs is now possible with the clever DebugRobot
  • With the TP batch translator, all existing test programs can be automatically translated, which means a significant time saving - especially with CITE updates
  • Retest failing components guaranteed by even faster PCB retests
  • With the extension of the test log file there is access to all test information for any evaluations
  • Integration of FailSim greatly simplifies operation during debugging

And the best thing about it: This Black CITE-Day 2020 does not only last a day, but our individual offers from now until December 31, 2020.

Here we have summarized these and other advantages in a table:

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